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Companies in Illinois

Illinois, the “Prairie State,” is the Midwestern state bordering Indiana to the east and the Mississippi River to the west.

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States. Located North East of Lake Michigan, it is well known for its skyscrapers, such as the sleek 1,451-foot Willis Tower and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. Springfield is the state capital of Illinois.

Illinois has a low cost of living, six per cent below the national average. RentCafe shares the cost of living in Illinois for 2023.

Illinois is a great state to live in and ranks as the 21st best place in the United States.

With a population of over 12.67 million, Illinois is a thriving place that attracts thousands of young professionals, families and retirees to this growing economy yearly. Upholms shares 11 reasons to move to Illinois.

Companies in Illinois:

What is the top sector of Illinois?

Top sectors by employment in Illinois include health and social assistance, retail, and information.

What are the top industries in Illinois?

The state’s industrial outputs include machinery, food processing, electrical equipment, chemical products, publishing, metal products and transport equipment. Corn and soybeans are important agricultural products.

What are the advantages of doing business in Illinois?

Illinois is an excellent location for new business, offering many tax incentives for new companies and a well-developed infrastructure that makes it an attractive place to do business. Illinois has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the country.

What is Illinois famous for producing?

Illinois is a major producer of soybeans, corn and hogs. Other agricultural commodities that have growth potential are wheat, sheep, poultry, cattle, oats, fruits and vegetables.

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