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Guest posting

Guest posting

Before explaining what guest blogging and guest posting is, let’s first see the difference between the two.

Blogging is when you write words on a website you own.

Guest posting is when you write words on a website owned by someone else.

However, these two terms can be used to do the same activity. That is to build relationships, exposure of your brand name, authority and backlinks.

It is an Off-page SEO method to optimize your website.

What is blogger outreach Guest posting?

Blogger outreach is the process of identifying influencers with whom you can benefit from a relationship. Blogger outreach is often a two-way street between you and the influencer.

Usually you can use this relationship to get in front of their audience. Getting someone else to spread your message is the perfect way to build trust. However, blogger outreach isn’t just about sending an influencer an email and offering a link.

Who are the influencers doing Guest posting and what do they do?

Social media influencer has a credibility and reputation in a particular industry or field of expertise in the social media.

These influencers have a large follower base due to their high ranking on SERPs with high domain authority.

They have high quality content creators that bring access to a large audience. They can share information to convince others through their authenticity and reach.

What does it take to be successful in Blogging and posting?

First and foremost, you need to be unique in content creation. It’s really worth it.

You will usually receive a link as part of a reciprocal exchange of content. They actually want to post on their site. So here’s how to do it before you start searching for bloggers.

First thing you need to do is set your goals and priorities. Best is to reach out to people in your niche or industry who are not directly competing with you.

For example, if you are in the seo industry, a good target would be Brian Dean of Backlinko. He is an authority who trains his audience on seo and marketing. You may be in a good position to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

There may be other authorities in your space who sell services similar to yours. They have less incentive to share their audience with you. It is because you’re both competing to sell the same thing to the same type of people.

What are the best strategy for guest posting for newcomers?

There are different types of influencers to consider here when it comes to blogging.

For newcomers with unknown brands, the best bet is to reach out to those who are small in size. However, it is still highly engaging looking for less than about 100k on average.

Their sites may have lower domain authority (DA ranking) and easier to reach out to. We must be careful about guest posting and guest blogging. It can sometimes be spammy, low quality, manipulative and contain a lot of junk on their sites.

The second category are those with larger size audiences like 100k to 500k. Penetrating this group size is quite difficult. If you have a large group yourself then you may want to win them over.

The third category are those people with a large number of followers, with high engagement rates. We are looking for 500k to a million plus mega influencers. They are extremely difficult to pitch to in most cases. If you are already a macro influencer then it is easier build a relationship with them.

This way you’ll increase the probability of landing at least a few of them by playing with numbers.

Even if only a handful of people on your target list can promote you that still is a big win. That is great for your business and brand name.

Where do you find these influencers online?

So how do we go about to find the best influencers to do Guest posting? What are their interests? Do they have accounts on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms?

You have to know a little bit about the person you’re reaching out to. This will allow you to design a more meaningful message to them. More importantly, you can create content.

Their audience will appreciate seeing that it promotes your business. To start the outreach process, simply create a spreadsheet. Includes the names of the bloggers you’re trying to reach on their blogs and their social profiles.

Build your list.

You can use tools like Moz’s Follower. Identify potential social media influencers based on things like keywords and their bios or the accounts they follow.

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What are different type of influencers?

It is best to contact influencers you already know. Have some prior knowledge about their business which is known as Pre-outreach techniques. First step is to have a list of bloggers you want to reach. The next step involves warming them up to your presence.

You need to build a relationship before communicating with them. Use email or other means of communication like social media platforms.

Where do we find the influencers?

Start by visiting an influencer’s blog from your list. Then simply choose a post a content that is most relevant to your niche.

Let’s say you have Neil Patel as an influencer on your list. Go to his blog and choose a post. Read the post and leave a comment on what you found interesting about it. It’s a simple technique that can bring enormous benefits to your blogging strategies.

The point is just to start engaging with their content. They can have an idea that you exist. They will know who you are and you’re not going to be new to them. Often an influencer’s email addresses are not publicly displayed when you contact them.

There are a few tools you can use to make it easier to get hold of them.

Hunter is a really cool tool that pulls the names and email addresses of everyone associated with a particular website. This turns this information into a really nice list. You can then use to search for the specific name and email of the person you’re looking for.

There is an additional tool called Clearbit which lets you search for a company from within your Gmail inbox. It then creates a list of people. It has their names, emails, title websites, social media links and a bunch of other information.

However, be sure to design your actual message to get the best results to reach your goal.

How do we contact potential bloggers?

Now that you’ve spent some time engaging with potential bloggers, it’s time to send your message. Sending an email could be a good start. At this stage you want to remember a few things.

First, understand that they have higher the level of bloggers. They will likely receive lots of outreach emails. Influencers are busy. The messages you send from your email must be unique and stand out from the crowd.

Second, personalization is the best way to warm up a cold lead and differentiate yourself from everyone else. Of course, your leads shouldn’t be that cold. You need to warm them up with the other types of engagement we’ve talked about.

It is important to inform them why you are connecting with them. Show them how you’ve interacted with them in the past and why your content is important. There is no perfect script that you need to follow. Just make sure your message looks sincere and not spammy.

Finally, be sincere to ask them if there’s anything you can do to help them. It is possible that they may or may not want anything in return from you.

Keep track of all of this in the initial spreadsheet you created during influencer outreach as mentioned before. You’ll want to note how many emails or messages you’ve sent and put examples of emails there.

What are some popular software for social blogging?

Postaga is a great outreach software that automates the process of finding influencers to send those emails to. It keeps track of your outreach campaigns. Postage offers 50% off of your first month with code friends50.

You may also use Boxward for an effective email outreach campaign.

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