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What is Guest post?

Writing articles for other blogs, especially those with high Domain Authority (DA) is a neat strategy that search engines are willing to reward. Guest posting is a fairly common practice that brings you not only a valuable backlink, but also increased brand awareness, connections and recognition as an expert in the industry.

What is the benefit of Guest Posting?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why Social Blogging is important. Of course, the most obvious benefit of guest posting is TRAFFIC. However, there are several other advantages you will discover in the process.

Getting Higher Authority

To get higher ranking or authority for your website is an important benefit. If Forbes accepts one of your post and publishes in the magazine that will boost your sites authority and get more traffic.

However, it is not easy to get a knock in such famous sites in the first place unless you have high authority skills and content with substance under your belt. This can happen over time. Same exposure can happen about other niches like health, wellness for example.

Now here’s the thing. Before knocking to high authority sites especially when you have a less popular or even unknown brand, check out guest blogging sites that advertise “guest bloggers wanted” opportunities, don’t ignore them even if those blogs have lower authority ratings.

Where do you start Guest post?

You have to start somewhere. There are many respectable sites that have DA ratings over 40’s.

Write unique contents

What is important is to provide valuable and unique content so it attracts viewers attention and they get to visit your site. That is why it is important to subscribe to a list that can provide a decent size list with good quality blogging sites.

Target the right audiences

Another vital area to look at when doing guest posting is to target the right audiences. That is why it is important to have a list that provides a good number of links of various categories.

Get the visibility

To get the visibility is also an important factor in guest blogging. Post insightful comments on their blogs. I mean truly insightful, not a quick line to thank them for their “great post”. Ask questions, raise some concerns, stir the pot and create meaningful discussion.

Connect with prospects

The final step is you can also send them an email to introduce yourself and your brand. Simply thank them for their continued work, for a specific post you found useful, or (ideally) for providing constructive feedback.

This could be related to a broken link or some other noticeable issue on their site. Connect with them on social media and don’t forget they exist. Share their content, interact with them through the mentioned social networks and generally be a good sport.

Share your blog

Do you have a blog? It may be a good idea to link them to your post as well as a start. This will definitely earn you some brownie points. Be authentic. Don’t do all of the above because you have an agenda.

You should get a genuine interest in the blog you are targeting and the topics it covers. Develop a real, lasting connection and don’t stop communicating as soon as your post is gets a recognition. Again, be genuine.