Businesses in Georgia

Businesses in Georgia

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Businesses in Georgia

Georgia is a US state in the southeast with a beautiful landscape of many coastal beaches, mountains and farmland. Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia.

Georgia is famous for African-American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

It is also the National Historic Site dedicated to the life and times of this Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1964.

Georgia also features the Georgia Aquarium. Savannah, with leafy public squares, is famous for its 18th- & 19th-century architecture. Augusta holds the privilege of hosting the Master’s golf tournament.

Georgia is affordable because of its below-average costs of housing and lower taxes.

Businesses in Georgia:

What are the major businesses in Georgia? 

Several industries have flourished. The four most industries that have accounted for the highest number of new jobs came from automotive, manufacturing, aerospace and food processing. These industries are also big contributors to investment.

What is the most common earning source in Georgia?

Georgia is now a top producer of maize, tobacco and hay. Also, Georgia’s industry is popular for car manufacturing, tourism, the film industry, trade and service industry.

What is Georgia’s number one industry?

With an annual economic impact of $74 billion, agribusiness is Georgia’s leading industry which has played a vital role in Georgia’s growing economy for nearly three centuries.

The state of Georgia headquarters some major local and international companies. Seven Fortune 500 companies also have offices in this state. Some of the well-known are Newell Rubbermaid, UPS, Delta Air Lines, Cocoa-Cola, At&T Mobility, and Home Depot, to name a few.

What are the best reasons to do business in Georgia?

According to Lensa, Georgia saw about 326,460 new business applications in 2021, trailing only Texas, California and Florida. Although the Peach State has a relatively high corporate tax rate of 5.93%, it boasts an enviably low cost of living that puts it in the top five most affordable states.

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