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Looking to buy or sell a home and looking for the best realtors in your area? Look no further than our list on “Top Realtors Near Me”. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, working with a top realtor can make all the difference in your real estate experience. When buying or selling a home, having an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent representing you is crucial for achieving the best possible outcome. A highly skilled agent knows how to market your home effectively, negotiate the strongest deal, and guide you through every step of what can be a complex transaction.

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We have collected data from few online sources for your convenience. We have listed the cities that has been listed more than once to multiple times as top 10.

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Top Picks:

1. Real estate in Dubai, UAE

A tax-free haven for property investors
Population: 3,570,000
Rental Yields (Average): 2.22%–8.76%
Source: Baron&Cabot

Dubai has become THE magnet for international investors, famous for its luxurious lifestyle, good global location, and tax-free living. The city is known for impressive infrastructural projects and high-quality developments, with recent regulatory changes further boosting its appeal to global investors.
Source: AgentPro

Projected yield in 5 years: 6.8%
Projected yield in 10 years: 15 to 20%
Dubai, known for its extravagant architecture and luxurious lifestyle, offers interesting investment opportunities thanks to its pro-investment policies and its growing tourist and commercial appeal.
Source: Luxonomy

Recently the UAE government has been implementing policies to make the process easier and more accessible for foreigners wishing to purchase real estate. Property owners now have a number of ways to make a healthy profit on their assets that goes over a 6% net rental return thanks to the emergence of the short-term rental market. Amazing payment plans are available for a number of fantastic real estate investment alternatives in Dubai, including Jumeirah Village Circle, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Marina.
Source: Imtilak

Dubai, despite the high price level, was still able to surprise with an increase of 18%. This city remains attractive to global investors.
Source: Hayat Estate

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To find real estate agents in Dubai, search here

2. Real estate in Singapore

A promising market in Asia
Population: 5,984,244
Rental Yields (Average): 2%–3%
Source: Baron&Cabot

Singapore, uniquely a city, nation, and state all at once, stands as a beacon of economic stability and growth in Southeast Asia. Known for its strong government, great location, and thriving business environment, Singapore attracts massive international investment, with countless high-quality developments and steady demand in the luxury segment.
Source: Agent Pro

Projected yield in 5 years: 6.8%
Projected yield in 10 years: 15 to 20%
Singapore. with its thriving economy and limited geographical space, is witnessing a steady appraciation in the prices of its luxury properties, offering attractive investment opportunities.
Source: Luxonomy

To find real estate agents in Singapore, search here

3. Real estate in Berlin, Germany

Europe’s new investment hotspot
Population: 3,574,000
Rental Yields (Average): 2.84%
Source: Baron&Cabot

Berlin, known for its rich history and culture, is a significant player in the European real estate market. Its strong economy, bolstered by technology, manufacturing, and creative industries, makes it attractive to investors. The city also boasts a relatively affordable housing market compared to other major European capitals.
Source: Agent Pro

Projected yield in 5 years: 7-9%
Projected yield in 10 years: 18 to 23%
Berlin. with its growing population and its status as a cultural and technological epicentre, remains and appealing destination for investors in the luxury real estate market.
Source: Luxonomy

To find real estate agents in Berlin, search here

4. Real estate in London, UK

A stable and lucrative market
Population: 9,648,000
Rental Yields (Average): 4.1%
Source: Baron&Cabot

London is a cosmopolitan and diversified city that is a major worldwide centre of finance and culture. There is always a high demand for housing, whether buying or renting homes. Investors have benefited financially from the continued increase in the London property market over the years. London’s rental market is strong and offers investors attractive rental yields, especially in sought-after central areas.
Source: Imtilak

To find real estate agents in London, search here

5. Real estate in Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s diverse economy as one of Canada’s financial centers makes it a lucrative location for real estate investment. The city’s steady population growth, fueled by immigration and a booming job market, has resulted in massive demand for housing. Toronto’s stable political environment and quality of life also factor into its attractiveness as an investment location.
Source: Agent Pro

Projected yield in 5 years: 5-7%
Projected yield in 10 years: 13 to 18%
Toronto, with its cultural diversity and thriving economy, remains an attractive destination for investors in the luxury real estate market, owing to its stability and sustained growth.
Source: Luxonomy

To find real estate agents in Toronto, search here

6. Real estate in Sydney, Australia

Solid fundamentals and spectacular lifestyle
Population: 29,211,000
Rental Yields (Average): 2.87%
Source: Baron&Cabot

Projected yield in 5 years: 6-8%
Projected yield in 10 years: 16 to 21%
Sydney, with its robust economy and geographical appeal, continues to present solid investment opportunities in the luxury real estate sector.
Source: Luxonomy

To find real estate agents in Sydney, search here

7. Real estate in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has arisen as a highly sought-after location for real estate investment, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, favorable climate, and robust tourism industry. Economic reforms and incentives for foreign investors, such as the Golden Visa program, have made Lisbon a major draw for international buyers.
Source: Agent Pro

Projected yield in 5 years: 5-7%
Projected yield in 10 years: 14 to 19%
Lisbon, benefiting from attractive residency programs and sustainable growth, is drawing international investors seeking high-quality properties.
Source: Luxonomy

To find real estate agents in Lisbon, search here (coming soon)

8. Real estate in Tokyo, Japan

Immense benefits from the 2020 Olympics
Population: 37,194,000
Rental Yields (Average): 4.5%
Source: Baron&Cabot

Tokyo offers a distinct blend of ultra-modern living and rich cultural heritage, making it an appealing choice for high-value real estate investors. It’s a global financial hub with a high standard of living and a stable market, facilitating a secure investment environment. The city’s public transport system and ongoing developments add to its attractiveness for investment.
Source: Agent Pro

Projected yield in 5 years: 4-6%
Projected yield in 10 years: 12 to 17%
Tokyo, an economic and cultural epicentrer, maintains a robust luxury real estate market, backed by a strong and stable economy and consistent demand.
Source: Luxonomy

To find real estate agents in Tokyo, search here (coming soon)

9. Real estate in Istanbul, Turkey

One of the greatest locations in Europe for real estate purchases is Turkey. As the population grows and the middle class grows, the nation is seeing robust economic growth. Both vacation rentals and student rentals provide excellent financial opportunities. The cost of entering the nation is inexpensive for investors. In the current market, an investment property may be afforded by every investor. Additionally, developer funding is available. After the revision of the Citizenship Law, investing in a property worth $400,000 can now help you obtain Turkish citizenship, while previously it was $250,000. In addition, several updates to procedures allow foreigners to purchase properties within just 24 hours, all under strict regulations.
Source: Imtilak

Not inferior to its neighbor, Istanbul took second place in the ranking. With a 77.6% increase in home prices over the year, this city has made its mark on global real estate.
Source: Hayat Estate

To find real estate agents in Istanbul, search here (coming soon)

10. All other cities that has been listed once in all 5 sites

Baron&Cabot : Shanghai

AgentPro : Austin (Texas, USA), Miami (Florida, USA), Manchester, United Kingdom

Luxonomy : Madrid, Spain

Imtilak : Antalya (Turkey), Algarve (Portugal), Rome (Italy), Barcelona (Spain)

Hayat Estate : Ankara (Turkey), Zagreb (Croatia), Athens (Greece), Vilinius (Lithuania), Warsaw (Poland), Perth (Australia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Philadelphia (USA)

NameCompany NameAddressPhoneSM
Rutvik SoniCR Movers6 Tracey BlvdFB
Templeton Real Estate GroupTempleton Real Estate Group3077 S. Bown Way Boise, Idaho 837062084732203FB
Kirkpatrick Management CompanyKirkpatrick Management Company5702 Kirkpatrick Way, Indianapolis, IN3175704358IG