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The State of Colorado is located in the western part of the USA. It has a diverse landscape with river canyons and arid deserts. Rocky Mountains National Park is famous for its rugged and scenic peaks.

Colorado has Mesa Verde National Park. It contains ancestral Puebloan people who lived there for 700 years with a thriving community.

Denver, which is Colorado’s capital, is located a mile above sea level. It is the largest city featuring a vibrant downtown area.

Colorado is a heavenly State with bright blue skies, snow-filled ski slopes, sunlight, towering peaks, and an unparalleled bear climate.

The state is also popular for its Rocky Mountain oysters, known as ox balls.

Food Network shares some of Colorado’s most iconic foods.

Various publications rank Colorado as one of the best places to live in the United States. Discovering Colorado explains why Colorado is a great place to live.

Colorado is not only one of the best states to live in. For newcomers, this state offers a high standard of living and many job opportunities. Uphomes shares 13 reasons to move to Colorado.

The growing economy and excellent job opportunities also make Colorado one of the fastest-growing states in the USA.

Businesses In Colorado

What are the advantages of opening a business Colorado?

The state ranks top for talent, business climate and business infrastructure. This data is all great news for starting a small business in Colorado.

What is the number of Fortune 500 companies located in Colorado?

10 Colorado companies are located in the Denver metro area. It made the 2021 Fortune 500 list, down from 11 in 2020.

What is the main source of income in Colorado?

The largest industries in Colorado by revenue are oil drilling and gas extraction, tourism and new car dealers. They generated $37.4b, $26.9b and $21.5b in 2022.

Which industry is the most profitable Colorado?

The most profitable industries in Colorado in 2021 were real estate, finance and insurance. However, the mining industry added $16.73 billion to the state’s GDP. Colorado’s real GDP will be approximately $373.76 billion.

Some top rankings are Personal health care, hotels, ski resorts, engineering, legal services, and software development.
The second is the finance, insurance and real estate industries.

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