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What is email?

Email acceptance of job offer

Email is out of date. In its earliest form, email dates back to 1965. During those days computers were the size of elephants and only a privileged could gain access to them.

However, the type of email we are used to today dates back to the early 1970s.

Since then, email has become a staple of modern life, revolutionizing all of our personal and professional communications (not to mention evolving into spammy slang and confusing us).

While kids hate email and generally love any other tool, there’s one place where email reigns supreme: Office.

Businesses love email and takes email acceptance of job offer very seriously and if you’re looking for a job, you’ll be using email a lot but you have to be careful because the email address you use tells hiring managers something about you.

Email can communicate how internet savvy you are and how much knowledgeable you are about email acceptance of job offer.

5 key email tips on email acceptance of job offer that can bring success

Email can indicate immaturity

One simple piece of information your email can provide to recruiters and hiring managers is your age.

If you use an address, everyone assumes you’re not only an old person (most users are over 50 today), but also an old person who doesn’t know much about the Internet.

The same can be said for Hotmail email addresses (or whatever address Microsoft converted old Hotmail addresses to in 2013).

Even if you have an old Apple address like or, you already have an idea of your year.

If you’re a teenager or young adult when you set up your first email address, it’s unlikely to contain an off-color link, an inside joke, an old pop culture reference, or the number 420 or 69.

Set up a Gmail account

It’s clearly illegal for hiring managers to discriminate against you because of your age, and clinging to an old email address isn’t a reliable indicator of your ability.

Everyone has unconscious biases, so why give them a reason to reject your application?

You may hate Google as a company (because it’s a privacy nightmare, for example), but Gmail has become a truly humble email address.

Keep your old address for personal use and set up a Gmail account for everything else (even better, create a dedicated email address for job hunting).

This should be obvious, but using an email like “” gives businesses a bad first impression. Don’t assume your joke or reference is so obscure or sophisticated that no one in the business world will get it..

Business world is full of people who fly under the radar and they know all tricks of email acceptance of job offer.

Email can suggest a lack of sophistication

Using an old email like or a weird email from your high school days can alert people that you can’t change email addresses or that you don’t know what you look like or that you have other options.

In today’s tech-soaked world, if you’re trying to convince someone to pay, it’s not a good move to plant the idea that you can’t handle something as simple as setting up a Gmail account.

Here are some good tips by Indeed on using the right email acceptance of job offer applications

There’s a time and place where that address reflects your age, personality and attitude, but job hunting doesn’t.

Your email address is a discreet aspect of your identity, and while an old (or weird) email address doesn’t disqualify you from being considered for a job, there aren’t many good reasons to risk it.


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