On writing well

How do I write a content when I don’t know what to write?

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On writing well

Few questions that you may ask

How do I write a content when I don’t know what to write? Are you facing such a challenge?

How many of you are not born with writing skills?

How many of you don’t have English as your native language or don’t speak and write in English at all?

How many times have you thought about writing a good content and then once you sit with your pen and writing pad or your mouse in front of your pc, it doesn’t want to move?

Suddenly you find some sort of numbness in your fingers.

Well, isn’t that quite frustrating?

How do we overcome this fear of writing?

I can understand your situation as I myself have felt the same way numerous times.

I can certainly vouch that I am not a born writer or had any special writing ability when I was a kid and growing up.

Yes, I will admit that English not being my first language, I could speak and write a little.

I was lucky enough to grow up studying in a school that had some outstanding English teachers.

I also admit that in my family, people are quite educated and much more fluent in English than I am.

Yes, I was also lucky to study in overseas university and lived in a foreign country for many years.

How do i start writing?

However, writing never came to me naturally until I started doing a little bit of writing on certain matters. Now mostly business matters like this one.

I still don’t believe I am a skilled writer. May be you are laughing at my article and saying to yourself “what the heck is this all about”? Right?

Well, all I can say is that I have started to write with what comes to my mind and heart. This is how we can learn. Make trial and error and learn from it.

If you stop after the trial and error thinking you have failed, then I guess you have given up.

What is the secret on writing well?

To succeed in any thing in life which is worthwhile, don’t give up. Just keep at it. Like Nike ad says: “Just Do It”.

Yes, just keep doing it and let others criticize you so you know what you are doing wrong. I have kept comment section below so feel free to add your thoughts.

Positive or negative.

You can do the same. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as long you know you have not made any mistake knowingly or intentionally.

As I am writing this, I am just sharing what is going on in my mind.

Is it difficult today on writing well with high competition?

Now here’s the great thing about writing today as compared to 15 or 20 years back.

Today, you have a huge number of resources, tools and technologies to check your article. Check which word you have misspelled. Which line you have written may have grammatical errors.

One big advantage today is the use of OpenAI Chatbot technology. Many people who doesn’t have the writing skills can use this technology to create contents.

Now in my personal opinion, using Chatbot can never replace the human touch, the human feelings.

What ChatbotGPT does is it extracts information from tons of other data and create a content.

Neil Patel recently shared some information from a conference.

Which one is better for marketing. Humans versus AI?

Check it out

Where can i find ideas on writing well?

Well, you may ask, I can’t get my mind working to write anything naturally. That’s okay. Don’t worry.

Do some research in Google and study many articles and get ideas what to write. If need be, rewrite in your own words but make sure you are not publishing any duplicate contents known as plagiarism.

Are there tools and resources to help me with skills on writing well?

There are even tools to know if you are content in your article is plagiarism free. One great plagiarism site I found to be useful is Plagiarism Detector (dot net).

Of course, you can find many other tools if you do your homework. Good thing in today’s technological world your home work can be cut out if you are lucky to find one site that shares all tools. I recently bumped into this site searching about another topic which I won’t mention.

So here is the site and the author. It is called Content Powered and the founder is James Parsons.

He has found the following tools on plagiarism checker. I am recommending him as he is way more expert than I am. So here’s his selection.

What is the message?

The main point of this topic on writing well is, take your talent as far as you can, cherish it, preserve it and make good and productive use of it with your life.

Writing well is believing in what you write and believing in yourself, taking risks, daring to be different, pushing yourself to perfection. You just write as well as you force yourself to write.


Okay, that is about it for today.

If my comments and sharing has given you any encouragement that is my winning part.

If you have any comments, please share below.

If you think this article can help someone, please do share in your circle.

There are few social media share buttons below for your convenience.

Wish you well.

When it comes to writing, all i can say is Just do it. Will you please?

This is how you learn to write in my opinion.

Oh, almost forgot. If you want to know how many words you have written, I suggest the following 2 sites. Free to use.


This article has close to 750 words.

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