Who is a handyman and a contractor? Handyman is a person skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home and can tackle simpler projects such as replacing kitchen cabinets or any type of repair work both interior or exterior. Some home projects are easy for any DIY-er to tackle, but when it comes to remodeling the kitchen or upgrade the master bath, most people need to call a pro. So if you’re completely overhauling the space say changing your home’s layout, a general contractor is the way to go. But what is a general contractor exactly, and what do you need to know before hiring one?

A contractor is in charge of supervising all aspects of a building or building remodeling projects and is also responsible for acquiring the authorized permits. The contractor is also responsible for hiring, scheduling and monitoring the work of other subcontractors, such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians. Not all licensed contractors take responsibility for the entire work site. If there is any discrepancy in work then the general contractor takes the liability and is responsible for making it right financially.

They are also responsible for securing the work site and any supplies, and they make sure the work is done in a way that doesn’t void any product, warranties or guarantees. There is typically 2 types of contractors: General contractor and Specialty contractor. A traditional contractor takes existing plans and sees the execution of those plans to completion. A design build contractor, as the name implies, helps clients, conceptualize design and then execute the project from start to finish, this can be helpful if something unexpected happens and the designs need to be changed.

Many contractors have to be educated in construction management, civil engineering or building science and may hold a degree. However, the most important qualification is practical experience. Many will have started as subcontractors before moving up to a supervisor role and then obtaining a general contractor’s license. You might be thinking this is all well and good, but when should I actually hire a general contractor? A good rule of thumb is that if a project takes less than a week, you can leave it to a handyman or subcontractor with multi-week projects that may include new permits or multiple subcontractors.

Some general contractors charge a percentage commission based on the cost of materials while others bid a flat fee for the entire project cost. While a percentage is more flexible option, but it can be difficult to predict the final total. A flat fee bid is better. If you have a particular budget in mind for your project, finally always review your contract carefully to make sure every detail is covered.

There are many types of contractors in construction.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common types of construction contractors.

   1. General contractors

    2. Excavation

    3. Concrete

    4. Framing

    5. Steel

    6. Window and door

    7. Electrical

    8. Plumbing

    9. HVAC

    10. Fire alarm and sprinkler

    11. Roofing

    12. Insulation

    13. Drywall

    14. Taping

    15. Plaster

    16. Flooring

    17. Finish carpentry

    18. Painting

    19. Masonry

    20. Landscaping

The construction industry in the U.S. is always growing regardless of economic and financial challenges like covid-19 pandemic which was experienced in 2021. A society will always depend on building, reconstructing, office spaces, and public facilities.

If you are considering construction as your future venture then you need to learn the processes and strategies on how to become a contractor. You will need to get educated with the contractor business norms and rules as well as practical experience in your general or specialty construction area. 

To launch a successful contractors business the next step should be to take care of certain formalities such as registering your company and securing your state license and contractor license bond.

If you want to become a contractor, you have to understand the type of contractor work. There are a couple of common types, such as general and specialty contractors. It’s a good idea to research what types of specialists are currently in demand. When it comes to creating your own construction business and the services or products that you plan to offer, the most significant question to ask is >> Read more